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Parent Guide to GCSE podcast

Mar 30, 2022

Nicole talks to us about how she helps anxious children and teens to communicate their feelings using her fabulous idea of a ‘box full of joy’.

Mar 1, 2022

James shares his remarkable story of overcoming considerable health challenges. His journey from headteacher designate to motivational speaker is awe-inspiring.


Feb 18, 2022

Juliet talks about the benefits of meditation and how these can help teens who are worrying about teen issues, but particularly the stresses caused by impending exams.

Insta: @wild_flower_meditations

Jun 9, 2021

Miss Tinks talks to us about how to help teenagers better deal with stressful situations particularly with an eye on GCSE mock and real exams.

Attitude is Everything - Jeff Keller

The Compound Effect - Darren Hardy

What to say when you talk to yourself - Shad Helmstetter

Jun 8, 2021

Mel talks to us about how to move from surviving to thriving as a family unit with strategies to overcome teenage mental health issues.